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General jurisdiction information:

Belize is a continental state on the north east coast of Central America. It is one of the countries in the region once inhabited by the legendary Maya civilization in ancient times. Belize also includes more than 200 islets.

Its capital city is Belmopan and its population is around 300,000. Their government is undertaking efforts to provide better conditions for the population growth and to encourage immigration.

Tourists are mostly attracted by the diverse flora and coastal reefs. Belize is very popular among divers and fishing enthusiasts where coastal areas boast numerous lakes and lagoons and the shores are abundant with breath-taking coral reefs.

Belize is well established as a stable and rapidly developing financial centre with perfect conditions for offshore business. Contemporary legislation provides companies incorporated in Belize the opportunity to engage in any business not expressly prohibited by Law.

Belize offshore companies are totally tax exempt.

The national language is English.

The official currency is the Belize Dollar (currency code BZD).