General information

Gibraltar is an overseas territory of UK. The jurisdiction is located on the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula overlooking the Gibraltar Straight linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean. It is separated from Spain by a neutral land.

Population: 29800 (2015 year). Capital: Gibraltar (also a sea port).

Official language: English, while Spanish is widely spoken.

Currency: Gibraltar Pound (GIP) with the rate of exchange fixed on parity vis-à-vis pound sterling.

Registration of a company in Gibraltar

The process of registration of offshore companies in Gibraltar comprises of 3 main stages and takes 10 days:

  • Checking and confirming the company name in the Registrar
  • Preparing and submitting necessary documentation to the Registrar
  • Apostilling and delivering of documents to the client

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Organizational requirements for offshore company in Gibraltar
  • Minimum number of directors: one (physical or legal person)
  • Minimum number of shareholders: one (physical or legal person)
  • Registered office in Gibraltar is mandatory
  • Appointment of a secretary s an obligatory requirement. The secretary can be only Gibraltar resident can be (natural or legal person)
Share capital
    There are no minimum and maximum share capital and payment requirements in Gibraltar.
    Generally, the share capital is £2000 divided into the relevant number of shares with nominal value of £1.00.
Accounting for Gibraltar offshore company

A company, registered in Gibraltar must keep accounting records and submit to the Company Registrar a brief financial statement created on a base of an annual balance sheet.

Gibraltar offshore company taxation

Gibraltar offshore companies are tax exempt.

Companies Registry

Information about the companies’ directors and shareholders is submitted to the Registrar of Companies and is publicly accessible.

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Minimal set of service
Incorporation €2300
Set of documents with Apostil
Registered address
Courier delivery of documents
Additional service
Nominee director €500
Nominee shareholder €250
Opening of bank account €450