Gibraltar Company Registration — Interstatus – Group of Companies Gibraltar Company Registration – Interstatus – Group of Companies
Offshore company in Gibraltar – General information:

Gibraltar is an overseas UK territory situated on the southern coast of the Iberian Peninsula on the Strait of Gibraltar connecting the Mediterranean with the Atlantic Ocean. It is separated from Spain by a neutral area.
The population is 29,800 (2015) and the capital city is Gibraltar (which is also a port). The official language is English with Spanish widely spoken. The official currency is the Gibraltar Pound (GI£) with its rate of exchange linked to British Sterling.

A new Gibraltar company registration process

The registration process contains three main steps and takes 10 days:

  • Verification and confirmation of a company name in Registrar of companies
  • Preparation and submission of documents to Registrar of Companies
  • Legalisation of documents and delivery to a client

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Offshore in Gibraltar – Requirements for the company structure
  • Board of directors – minimum one director (physical or legal person)
  • Shareholders – minimum one shareholder (physical or legal person)
  • It is obligatorily to have a registered office in Gibraltar
  • Appointment of a secretary is required by Law. It could be only a resident of Gibraltar (physical or legal person)
Share capital
    There is no requirements for mandatory payment of share capital. The Law does not define minimum and maximum of share capital. In practice, the share capital is 2000 shares with a nominal value of £ 1.00 each
Financial statements

A company must maintain accounting, prepare and submit annual reports to the Registrar.

Gibraltar taxation provisions

Companies incorporated in Gibraltar are totally tax exempted.

Information for submission to the Registrar

Details of directors and shareholders are due to be submitted to Registrar and accessible to the public.

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Minimal set of service
Incorporation €2300
Set of documents with Apostil
Registered address
Courier delivery of documents
Additional service
Nominee director €500
Nominee shareholder €250
Opening of bank account €450