Key Benefits – Cayman Islands — Interstatus – Group of Companies Key Benefits – Cayman Islands – Interstatus – Group of Companies

Advantages of company incorporation in the Cayman Islands:

  • Advanced legislation is consistently upgraded according to the contemporary financial business demands.
  • High confidentiality standards.
  • There is no minimum or maximum share capital requirement and the capital can be denominated in any currency.
  • Companies may be set up with just one shareholder who may be a natural person or a corporation and a resident of any country.
  • Nominee services are available (director and shareholder).
  • An advanced banking infrastructure with the local banking sector ranking fifth in the world.
  • The representative of the company does not need to be personally present to open a bank account.
  • There are no exchange controls.
  • Bearer shares and shares with no par value are permitted.
  • All company administration procedures are straightforward with no extensive staff requirements.
  • Cayman Islands incorporated offshore companies are tax exempt: there is no taxation of any income, profit, dividends, royalty, investment or capital gains.
  • There is no requirement for financial statements and audited accounts.
  • Annual meetings of directors and shareholders are not mandatory.
  • There is an advanced infrastructure with high standards of professional services: banking, accounting and legal.
  • The Cayman Islands have advanced telecommunications and a highly organised transportation system.
  • The jurisdiction enjoys economic and political stability.