Key Benefits – Seychelles — Interstatus – Group of Companies Key Benefits – Seychelles – Interstatus – Group of Companies

Advantages of the Seychelles companies:

  • An attractive geographical location providing the perfect site for financial and investment operations.
  • High confidentiality with registration authorities not requiring any personal details of beneficiaries or officers of the company; this information is available only to the licensed agent who carries out the registration.
  • A straightforward and fast registration process without the need for the presence of the beneficiary.
  • No requirement for the minimum amount of capital, which can be denominated in any currency.
  • The company can have just one shareholder and one director, who may be residents of any country as well as both private individuals and/or corporations.
  • Nominee services are available (director and shareholder).
  • The opening of a bank account does not require the company representative to personally visit the bank.
  • There are no exchange controls.
  • Company administration is simple and there is no requirement for a large amount of staff.
  • There is no requirement to hold annual meetings of shareholders and directors. If needed, the meetings can be held in any country.
  • The availability of diverse tax benefits and transparency of the taxation system. There is no taxation of corporate income, royalties, interest, capital gains tax or sale of stocks and no stamp duty whatsoever.
  • There is no requirement for annual financial statements or auditing.
  • Companies may be freely re-domiciled.
  • There are convenient air connections with Europe, Asia, the USA and Africa.