Key Benefits – Cyprus — Interstatus – Group of Companies Key Benefits – Cyprus – Interstatus – Group of Companies

Advantages of incorporation of The Republic of Cyprus companies:

  • A strategic geographical location of the jurisdiction as a transit centre on the crossroads of three continents: North Africa, The Middle East and Europe.
  • Advanced legislation adapted to EU Directives.
  • A high standard of financial services and the availability of qualified legal, banking and accounting professionals.
  • A straightforward and quick incorporation process: companies may be set up with just one shareholder and one director who can be residents of any country.
  • Availability of nominees (director and shareholder).
  • The opening of a bank account does not require a personal visit to the bank.
  • There are no exchange controls.
  • The transparency of the tax system and an attractive tax regime.
  • Corporation tax is one of the lowest in Europe, just 12,5% of net profit.
  • Internal or external dividends, capital gains and the sale of securities are tax exempt.
  • Double Tax Treaties are in force with more than 50 countries providing reduced or zero tax rates for corporate entities or private individuals from a variety of countries including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and others.
  • Citizenship and residence permit schemes offered to non-residents in exchange for investment as provided for in the laws of The Republic of Cyprus.