Key Benefits – Hong Kong — Interstatus – Group of Companies Key Benefits – Hong Kong – Interstatus – Group of Companies

Advantages of incorporation of Hong Kong companies:

  • A strategic geographic location with direct access to China.
  • The operation of British legal and administrative systems with the minimum of red tape.
  • The transparency of the authorities and the availability of legislation adapted to dynamic contemporary business challenges.
  • The Close Economic Cooperation Convention implemented by the Government to provide diverse incentives and benefits to various companies, including offshore.
  • A state of the art infrastructure and ease of availability of information.
  • The availability of qualified professional service providers.
  • A straightforward and fast offshore company incorporation procedure with minimum costs.
  • Beneficiary information is not publicly accessible.
  • A high standard banking sector with maximum modern banking products and services for corporate and private clientele.
  • A friendly tax regime applied on a territorial basis aimed at achieving zero taxation on offshore income and attractive tax rates.
  • A simple tax system with a fixed rate of tax at 16.5% on net profit.
  • A simplified financial reporting system implemented by The New Ordinance of 3rd March 2014.
  • English is the language of communication in government offices, banks and the community at large.