European Investors are interested to invest in the CIS (and not only) countries. Interstatus Business Services Ltd will help you to take your business to a new level with the European financing!

The criteria for successful financing:

Working business with a solid turnover

The amount of the required investment should be above 1 million EUR/USD


Energy projects, food production, engineering or any other production, agro-industrial projects. The Investor may consider the construction of commercial buildings (shopping malls, hotels, office buildings)


The willingness of the company to bear the costs of auditing the technical and financial parts of the project, due diligence and, according to the Austrian legislation, preparation and publication of information memorandum.

Borrower’s own contribution to the project

Not less than 10-15% (depending on the project)

Leasing rights, building permits and etc. are forming Borrower’s Own Contribution

The average rate of financing

5-6% p.a.

Projects of public-private partnerships are not in the sphere of interests of the investor

In order to review the attractiveness of the Project the following are required:

Financial Statements of the Company (or Group of Companies) for three years

Valuation of assets of the Company (or Group of Companies)

Presentation and feasibility study of the Project with clear indication of the stage of completion

If the Investor expresses his interest in the Project, the Parties organise personal meeting in Vienna