Bookkeeping Services

Our team of highly qualified experts offer a wide range of accounting services in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). We prepare management accounts on ad-hoc requests of our clients and offer business consulting on any bookkeeping matters.

The competency and responsibility of our specialists allow us to understand the individual needs of all clients and assure qualified solutions to any requirements of your company.

You can refer to us for advice on accounting and tax related issues. On your request we will prepare customised analysis of your company’s operations and usage of resources and offer recommendations to enhance efficiency.

Our collaboration can include both one-off and comprehensive services and consulting, such as the processing of primary documentation, maintaining accounting records, keeping proper payroll records, preparing financial statements, providing auditing services and submitting all reports and documentation to the relevant authorities according to statutory requirements.

The professionals of the Interstatus Group of Companies possess extensive experience in the preparation of financial statements of companies incorporated in Cyprus, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and tax haven jurisdictions.

We will register your company for VAT in Cyprus or other EU member states and assist in the completion and submission of VAT returns according to standards of applicable legislation. On your request, we will deal with VAT investigations and enquiries and represent your interests in any complicated issues.

We absolutely guarantee full confidentiality of any information provided to us during the course of accounting, preparation of financial statements and auditing.

For any enquiries relating to accounting services, please contact the Interstatus Group of Companies.