Company administration:

The incorporation of a foreign company is just the first step on the winding path of your business to lucrative international markets. The company should be commercially successful, meet the challenges of the contemporary business environment and apply strong development strategy.

The Interstatus Group of Companies offers full scale professional support for the operation of your company and provides the following services:

  1. A quality nominee service.

We can provide physical and corporate persons to serve as nominees to ensure confidentiality and statutory compliance. Such services include: nominee director and nominee shareholder. Our candidates are highly competent, responsible and fully qualified and utilise their long-term experience for your relevant needs. For more detailed information please contact our offices.

  1. The issue and renewal of licences for specific businesses and operations.
  1. The preparation of documentation related to incorporation as a whole as well as the issue of statements and certificates:
  • The Certificate of Incorporation confirms registration of the company with the date of registration and the number assigned by the Registration Authority; some jurisdictions issue an extract from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Minutes of the General Meeting of Shareholders.
  • A written resolution to issue shares.
  • Share Certificates.
  • An Extract from the Register.
  • A Certificate of Good Standing certifies that the company is still on the register of operating companies.
  • A Tax Certificate confirms tax residence status in the country of incorporation.
  • A Certificate of Dissolution which is issued by the Registration Authority to confirm that the company has been wound up.
  • Any additional documents aimed at protecting the interests of the beneficiary and to secure protection in case of potential conflict with the nominees (Director’s Statement of Resignation, Resolution of Removal of the Director, Declaration of Trust, etc.).
  1. We advise on international tax planning and taxation in specific jurisdictions.
  1. We organise the preparation and submission of statutory reports and financial statements – statutory auditing according to the national and international standards.
  1. We provide legal services, representation in courts and communication with all relevant government authorities.
  1. We assist in the issue of visas and permanent residence permits for Cyprus citizenship.
  1. We offer many other methods of corporate support including certification, legalisation, translation and notarisation of documents, virtual office services, secretarial services, and transmission and delivery of documents and information. The list is endless and at your request we will discuss your perfect tailor-made services with specific operations and situations in mind.

We are able to provide professional assistance for any issues related to the incorporation and support of your company. Please call us on +357 22766120, contact us by Skype, send us an email to, or complete this request form.