Company incorporation:

Any company incorporated outside of the owner’s country of tax residence may be regarded as an offshore company. There are a number of reasons for setting up an offshore business, it could stem from corporate and/or personal objectives, the understanding of the tasks and needs of the business, the formulation of a specific area of operation, the capability and methods of cooperation with partners, counterparties, banks, official authorities and/or the overall vision of potential company development strategy.

When deciding on the incorporation of an offshore company, the following should be taken into account: only experienced and tested professionals should be contacted to handle the incorporation and administration of the company to avoid potentially unwanted problems for your business. It is possible that laws, rules and regulation regarding offshore businesses could change rapidly and significantly, sometimes destroying plans and future operations. It is imperative that the team you choose are highly trained professionals to deal with such situations. Our staff should be your first choice to control and manage every stage of the incorporation and management of your offshore company for your own peace of mind and for the health and profitability of your company.

Do not look for the cheapest option! Partners that you can fully trust are essential for the setting up and management of your company. The Interstatus Group of Companies has the power to act in your interest!

The following is important to know before commencing with the incorporation process:

  • the incorporation and operation of companies in a specific jurisdiction is regulated by local national laws;
  • companies and their statutes are subject to registration by the national Registrar;
  • companies can only be registered by professionally licensed agents;
  • the personal presence of the owner, in whose name the company is registered, is governed by the regulations of the specific jurisdiction;
  • incorporated companies must have a registered office by Law;
  • incorporated companies must comply with annual registration renewal procedures and pay all relevant fees.

The incorporation and administration of companies in any jurisdiction and the provision of a full range of services and solutions is just one part of the operations of our firm. Over many years we have accumulated a vast spectrum of practical experience for you to take advantage of. After deciding to incorporate a foreign company, all you need to do is contact our offices and we will provide you with free primary advice including detailed initial information and specific analyses of all potential procedures and offer the most suitable options.

After the initial consultation with our expert, you will be aware of the next steps and all future costs.

Please contact us to make an appointment for a consultation in person or by Skype.

At the request of the client we will:

  • arrange company incorporation in the jurisdiction of your choice or establish another structure for the business development and capital management of your company;
  • acquire a shelf offshore company with a standard set of documents within the shortest time possible for specific business in a selected jurisdiction;
  • provide professional assistance for the development of efficient financial schemes, financial planning models, tax optimisation and long term company development strategy;
  • secure compliance with tax laws, accounting and financial reporting regulations and auditing requirements;
  • provide advisory, secretarial and representative services;
  • if needed, arrange necessary company winding up procedures according to the Law.

The potential owner of a foreign company should consider the so called “classical” (island) offshore zones with the Registry (in most cases) inaccessible to the public, a high degree of confidentiality and tax exemption laws and no obligation to prepare or file financial statements or statutory audited accounts. Examples of these zones include Belize, Panama, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Mauritius, The Seychelles, Nevis, The Marshall Islands, Costa Rica, The Bahamas, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines, The Cayman Islands, The Commonwealth of Dominica and RAK (UAE) – please see the Jurisdictions section for details.

Low tax and high tax jurisdictions with loyal tax legislation and incentive tax rates (on the distribution of dividends, payment of interest and royalties), operating Double Tax Treaties but imposing financial reporting and statutory accounting requirements include Cyprus, The UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malta, The Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia – please see the Jurisdictions section for details.

For any queries regarding the incorporation and administration of companies please contact our advisors on +357 22766120, or contact us by Skype, email to

You can send an immediate enquiry by completing the standard form regarding company incorporation.

You can find the list of jurisdictions on offer and the fixed price list of our services in the Jurisdictions section.

The incorporation of offshore companies:

Primarily, the incorporation of an offshore company brings various benefits to the operation of corporate structures and to private individuals. The unique features and flexibility of offshore law provide the ideal conditions for active business operations, property ownership and the protection of assets.

The incorporation of companies in key offshore jurisdictions provides the following benefits:

  • access to financial, administrative and investment services with improved efficiency and appeal of the business;
  • the acquisition of a wide range of opportunities for the application of offshore tools in various business areas: international trade, internet commerce, services (consulting, marketing, transportation, etc.), intellectual property management, franchising, property management, international leasing and so on;
  • considerable minimisation of taxes or total elimination of taxation by the incorporation of an offshore company or the purchase of a shelf company within any of the classic offshore jurisdictions (for more details please see the Jurisdictions section);
  • the opening of bank accounts for the offshore company, the issue of bank cards, loans and 24/7 access to funds via internet banking;
  • the legal regulations of offshore jurisdictions ensure the protection of assets and total confidentiality with nominee services;
  • permanent residence permits in the country of choice offering specialised schemes.

You can accomplish several objectives at the same time and secure comfortable business and personal conditions with minimal effort and resources (for more details please see the Jurisdictions section).

The time required for registration depends on the specific jurisdiction. You can buy a shelf company within just a few hours but the incorporation of an offshore company in most jurisdictions and the issue of the full set of documents will normally take 7-15 business days.

To comply with all mandatory procedures you will need to provide us with the list of proposed titles of your future company (3 or 4 options in the order of preference) so we can check for their availability, state the objectives of the company and the proposed share capital and outline the expected structure of the company. To ensure high standards of confidentiality we will provide the services of nominee directors and shareholders in conformity with local laws to manage your company according to your instructions. During our first communication we will provide you with the list of documents required by your chosen jurisdiction. Throughout your incorporation process our consultants will provide you with timely advice, assist in the preparation of the required set of documents and act in the interests of the owners with all relevant official government offices.

Once the incorporation process is complete we will offer comprehensive administration services to your offshore company.

Company incorporation in low tax and high tax jurisdictions:

With incorporation in low tax and high tax jurisdictions, international companies benefit from a high prestige, clean reputation and a credible image inherent to the companies originating from such jurisdictions.

Companies incorporated in low tax or high tax jurisdictions enjoy the following benefits:

  • a high level of trust in the country of incorporation and international business community;
  • maximum protection of investment secured by local laws and international treaties;
  • the opening of accounts with reputable banks and sources of international financing;
  • efficient corporate and tax planning tools;
  • free entry to the regional markets of Europe, Asia and The Middle East with free movement of goods, services and capital;
  • owners and staff can apply for citizenship and permanent residence in developed countries subject to certain conditions.

Our highly trained professionals at the Interstatus Group of Companies possess a wealth of experience, a high business reputation and credibility perfectly teamed with the skills required for a fast and comprehensive company incorporation service.

We provide all secretarial services, nominee shareholders and directors, recruitment of qualified local staff and recommend respected creditworthy corporations as potential business partners. We assist in the opening of bank accounts, act in the interests of the company with all relevant official government offices and provide high quality legal services. For the highly efficient operation of your company we are in the position to offer quality administrative and accounting services, the preparation of financial statements and statutory accounting, highly efficient tax planning and optimisation and auditing, among many other services.