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Acquisition of Cypriot citizenship

To apply for a citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus, non-EU citizens must have a residence permit and reside in Cyprus for at least 7 years.

Nowadays there is a unique opportunity to obtain citizenship through investments.

In accordance with the recent changes in the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, non-EU citizens have the possibility to obtain Cyprus (European) citizenship in only 3 months by investing  €2 million in the economy of Cyprus.

The decision to decrease the obligatory amount of the investment was taken on September 13, 2016 (before the obligatory investments amounted to € 5 million).

The unique program gives a possibility for:

  • obtaining a citizenship without residing in the country
  • obtaining a citizenship for a family members
  • preferential education for children
  • residence, work and study in the EU, Liechtenstein, Norway, Iceland and Switzerland.
  • medical services of the European level for the whole family
  • non-visa regime for 157 countries of the world
  • dual-citizenship

The applicant does not need to pass the language proficiency tests and moreover, 90% of Cyprus population speaks fluently English and the amount of Russian-speakers is increasing every year!

! The only requirement is to keep in possession a private residential property value of € 500.000 after expiration of 3 years.

Types of investment:

1) Residential properties

2) Commercial properties

3) Government bonds (maximum of € 500.000)

4) Companies registered and conducting their business activities in Cyprus (purchasing, creating or investing in them)

5) Financial assets of Cypriot businesses and organizations

6) The combination of the above types

The applicant must invest for a minimum period of 3 years, upon expiration of which he is free to realize his investments.