Legal Services

Conducting business in any national or international market can be far more risky without the use of legal support. It would be unthinkable nowadays not to use technology to help run our businesses but another major part of a successful business is the security of outsourcing potentially confusing and strict legal processes to highly qualified professionals without the burden of considerable financial costs.

With the expertise and professionalism of all lawyers engaged by the Interstatus Group of Companies in the Republic of Cyprus and in the Russian Federation, you can always be assured that you have chosen the most knowledgeable and trustworthy team to protect and enhance your business. We build our relationships on mutual trust, competence, professional responsibility and high confidentiality, all perfectly tailored to suit each and every client.

With your customised legal services agreement with Interstatus Group of Companies you can create bespoke conditions for the legality and statutory protection of your business using the following highly qualified services:

  • statutory audit;
  • legal support of negotiations and deals (including property transactions);
  • preparation of agreements and contracts with any level of complexity;
  • legal, tax and administrative advice;
  • evaluation of legal risks;
  • claims and court actions;
  • representation within governmental authorities;
  • protection of intellectual property;
  • pre-judicial settlement of disputes;
  • court representation;
  • enforcement of court decisions.

This list is just a selection of our services and it may be amended at any time subject to any specific requirements of your business.

Please call: +357 22766120 or email:, for advice and to select one of our service packages.

The legal department of the Interstatus Group of Companies provides various one-off legal services, which can include:

  • business restructuring (with varying options and a specific plan);
  • the drafting of a shareholder agreement (that would be not accessible in the public domain) to regulate shareholder relationships on the basis of all relevant mechanisms and procedures of your company;
  • support for the Buyer and the Seller in M&A transactions;
  • the drafting of share sale agreements and loan agreements;
  • financial investigations (to secure the economic protection of the company);
  • various legal opinions;
  • conditions of practice in Cyprus, complete backup from the Interstatus Group of Companies to ensure full scale legal support of Russian business projects in the Republic of Cyprus and in the Russian Federation.

For any issues related to the legal support of your business, please contact the Interstatus Group of Companies