Key Benefits – BVI — Interstatus – Group of Companies Key Benefits – BVI – Interstatus – Group of Companies

The benefits for companies in BVI:

  • Attractive and loyal legislation for offshore operations.
  • High level of confidentiality: no disclosure of beneficiary, shareholder or director information.
  • Any private individual can be a beneficiary.
  • Re-domiciliation from any country allowed.
  • No minimum or maximum capital and capital payment requirements; declaration of any currency.
  • No personal visit to the bank is required to open a bank account.
  • Company administration is very simple with no requirement for a large number of staff.
  • No exchange controls.
  • No requirement for annual meetings of shareholders; if needed, the meetings can be held anywhere in the world.
  • No financial statements or audit requirements.
  • No corporate, dividend, interest and royalty taxation or inheritance duties.