Key Benefits – Gibraltar — Interstatus – Group of Companies Key Benefits – Gibraltar – Interstatus – Group of Companies

Advantages of incorporation of Gibraltar companies:

  • There are advanced flexible laws within the liberal taxation system.
  • Beneficiary information is not accessible to the public.
  • Company incorporation is a fast procedure with no requirement for the physical presence of the beneficiary.
  • There are no minimum or maximum share capital requirements and the capital may be denominated in any currency.
  • Companies may be set up with just one shareholder who can be either a natural person or a corporation and can be resident in any country.
  • The use of nominees in the company structure (director and shareholder) is allowed.
  • There are no exchange controls.
  • Company administration is simple with the minimum of staff.
  • Non-resident companies that do not engage in any business within Gibraltar are tax exempt.
  • The jurisdiction does not impose VAT and there is no duty on most goods.
  • Meetings of the shareholders may be held in any part of the world.
  • Re-domiciliation from other jurisdictions is available.
  • The jurisdiction enjoys political and economic stability.