The Marshall Islands taxation provisions:

Offshore companies incorporated in The Marshall Islands are tax exempt:

  • tax on profit, dividends, interest and royalty – 0%;
  • capital gains tax – 0%;
  • tax at source on the payment of the above income – 0%;
  • value added tax – 0%;
  • wealth and inheritance tax – 0%.

There is no stamp duty.

In place of the above taxes, The Marshall Islands offshore companies must pay an annual registration fee of $450. Penalties are imposed in the case of a breach of the fee payment terms.

The law provides for a one-off tax on capital in the event of an increase of the number of shares over $50,000.

Double Tax Treaties

The Marshall Islands does not have a Double Tax Treaty with any other country.

Tax Information Exchange Treaties are in place with the USA, Norway, Denmark, Australia and the Netherlands.