Procedure of Company Registration – Gibraltar — Interstatus – Group of Companies Procedure of Company Registration – Gibraltar – Interstatus – Group of Companies

The Gibraltar company incorporation process:

Non-resident company:


A minimum of one physical or corporate person is required and no residency qualifications apply. The director and the shareholder may be the same person.

We can offer the services of local (nominee) directors in full compliance with local legislation who can manage the company according to your instructions.


A minimum of one shareholder is required who can be a natural person or a corporation and there are no residency qualification requirements. At the request of the beneficiary we can provide nominee shareholders.


A secretary is mandatory (a Gibraltar resident) who could be a private individual or a corporation.

We can provide secretarial services if needed. Please contact our representative for detailed information on virtual office services.

Registered office:

Companies incorporated in Gibraltar are required by Law to have a registered office.

Share capital:

There are no requirements for minimum or maximum share capital or its payment.

Generally share capital is £2,000 divided into shares with a £1 par value.

Shares may be issued without par value. Registered and bearer shares may be issued but bearer shares must be deposited at the place of incorporation of the company.

Registration period:

15-20 days but delivery of the full set of documents may take additional time. Shelf companies are available.

Accounting and auditing:

The Law governing accounting and its applicable forms and regulations provides that Gibraltar incorporated companies must maintain accounting and prepare and submit annual reports to the Company Registrar providing information on the directors, shareholders, capital and liabilities. Audited financial statements must be submitted within 13 months after the end of the reporting period.

Auditing is not mandatory for small companies. To qualify for this category the company has to meet at least two of the following criteria:

  • a maximum annual turnover of £4,800,000;
  • a total maximum balance sheet of £2,400,000;
  • the maximum number of employees is 50.

Small companies can prepare financial statements in a simplified form.

Penalties are imposed in the case of late submission of any reports.

Information in the registers:

Information on the directors and shareholders must be submitted to the Registrar and is accessible to the open public so it is strongly recommended that you use nominees.

Disclosure of information on the beneficiary is permitted subject to a court order only.